Paying Guest House


Paying Guest House

Paying guest house is going popular in Nepal. We have a very simple private house in about five kilometers far from the down town of the Kathmandu city and Thamel. It takes about 25 minutes walk from Swoyambhunath temple, the Monkey temple. Our house is situated at the base of the ‘Seto Gumba’, in English the White Monastery. Our house is situated in a less poluted area with green fields around.    

White Gumba is very popular for the internal and external tourists. Just behind our house, there is a forest of pine trees where people could watch birds. There are several monasteries around our house at the walking distance of 10 to 30 minutes. Besides, the Sivapuri National Park is near by a community forest very close by our house.         

The unpleasant power-cut in Nepal does not affect our home as we have 24 hours hot and cold shower and power supply. There are regular public buses to go to Kathmandu city and come back home. 

In our guest house, we cook Nepali food. But if the guests like to have continental food, they can make with our help. We love to cook and share different foods from different places. 

Our guests can stay here for shorter or longer time such as few days and weeks. They can stay for one or many months if they like. Some volunteers working around the Kathmandu valley or working in some projects in Kathmandu could stay at our house to experince Nepali family life. Depending on the interest of our guests, we provide them with a single or many rooms with kitchen. We can accomodate both individule and a small group of people in our house. 

For the detail information, please contact us at the email address mentioned in the front page of our website. We will be very happy to provide you with all information you may require.   

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