2019 Yartung Festival tour

2019 Yartung Festival tour

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Yartung festival is mainly celebrated in higher elevation of Manag and Mustang districts of Nepal on 26th August 2018. The local people of Mustang and Manag districts are highly influenced by Tibetans culture, religion and tradition.

Yartung is the horse racing festival. This festival is celebrated on full moon day of the August Month of the each year. Yartung means the ends of the summer and starting of the winter. yartung festival is celebrated for 3 days. During festival people make competition of horse race and enjoy with drinking alcohol and dancing with their own music and melody. But the most attractive celebration of the 3 days festival is horse race. There is competition between women and men or the horse race contest between women and men. Yartung festival is observe by the Local king, Lamas and local people of their.

This festival belongs with Buddhist religion on well harvesting the crops and had stored food grains at home. They are happy with Bodhisattvas for well harvesting crops and celebrated festival a respectful dedication on him.

The days of the yartung festival is declared by the Lama and yartung festival lies on the full moon day of the August month.


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26th of August 2019 there is big celebration of yartung festival.

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Mr.Tara DC culture expert will lead the group.

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