8 days ABC budget short trek

8 days ABC budget short trek

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8 days ABC budget short trek is the Annapurna base camp trek in a short duration. It is a cheap or budget trip for the Budget tourists. ABC trek is one of the most beautiful treks in Annapurna region. Annapurna region is inhabited with Gurung and Magar tribes.Gurung and Magar peoples are very popular in British gorkha army, Indian gorkha army and Nepali army too. In ABC trek tourists can explore their culture, tradition. Flora and fauna is also very important in ABC trek.




In Kathmandu we provide 2 star equivalent hotel like international guest house with bed and breakfast. In trekking we provide attached toilet room in low lands. As we arrive to higher elevation it is difficult to get attached toilet room and single room in peak season. In peak season we have to share the room. But we try to provide single room if it is possible.

Foods and drinks

In trekking we can get all kinds of food and select from menu and can have as you like. We do not recommend to eat any kinds of meat that is carried local porters from low land walking with 2-3 days. In trekking region they are not allowed to kill any animals. We recommend to eat all kind of vegetarian food and eggs. You can have meat as you arrive to low lands, Pokhara and Kathmandu. You can get all kind of drinks in trekking route. We recommend to drink Mineral water, boiled water or purified water. Purifying tablet is provided by our guide. All kinds of cold drinks and beers are available in tea houses. In higher elevation we do not recommend to drink hard drink.

Guide and porter

We provide English speaking guide and some guide they can speak extra language like, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian. Extra language guide is not included in this cost. On request of guest we provide extra language guide with extra cost. Our guides and porters are very helpful, kind and dedicated on their duty. Every day they pass massage to us about the situation of the guest, weather in Trekking.

How hard is to go to ABC short trek?

ABC short trek is a moderate trek due to many up and down hills though there are hundreds of beautiful breathtaking scenery. If you have good practice to walk up and down hills it is not so hard. The trekking trail pass along narrow slippery gorges road. There are many places on the way to trail which are really danger of landslides and avalanches. Many time I got encounter with landslides and avalanches. You can make it easy if you follow some rules and regulations before starting your treks towards Annapurna base camp. After Bamboo it is better to walk in the morning. Because the snow piles got freeze whole night and in sunny day they start to melt or break and come down as a big avalanche. To protect from high-altitude sickness if tourists walk slowly and steadily with many breaks on the way to trek they can acclimatize easily and the trek will be easy. On the way to trek each 1 to 2 hours there are available of tea houses and tourists could have enough liquids and rest. If possible try to practice walking through up and down steeps, Jogging and swimming are equally helpful. Any exercise that is convenient to you and helps you to be fit is recommended.

How long does it take to get to ABC?


From Kathmandu it takes minimum 4 days to arrive to ABC and coming back it takes 3 more days. For ABC trek we have many options. So we can design the itinerary on the basis of your requirements otherwise you can follow our detail itinerary down.


Cost: We have big discount for comming new year 2018 and the cost starts from USD 450.00 per person for the entire trip.





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