Kanchanjangha Region Trekking

Kanhanjangha Region Trekking

Kanchanjangha trekking offers excellent camping sites with unlimited magnificent natural scenery, including the snowy peaks at close range and excellent flowering glory of rhododendrons, orchids, lilies, and many other flowers. Besides, the alpine grasslands, rocky outcrops, dense temperate and sub-tropical forests, and low river valley make this area more beautiful.

Kanchanjangha is the world’s third highest mountain and lies east-northeast of Nepal and the hill station of Darjeeling, India. One of the main attractions of the Kanchanjangha trek is the Kanchajangha Conservation Area (2,035sq km), which has a rich diversity of wildlife, including snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, musk deer, and red panda. The major birds in this area are impheyan, pheasant, red-billed blue mangpie, and shy drongo.

The Kanchanjangha region is inhabited by the Sherpa indigenous people who have a very rich culture and tradition. On the trail, we may encounter people from various tribes such as Kshetri, Brahman, Gurung, Magar, Rai, and Limbu. Representing different cultures and religions, the Kanchanjangha region contains beautiful chhortens, temples, and prayer walls.