Adopted children tour

Adopted children tour

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Adopted children tour is a special tour package to find the real parents in Nepal,the children they were  adopted by the god father and mother in different parts of the world.God father and mother  like to introduce  their  adopted children their birth place and introduce them to their biological parents. Many children from western Nepal like Humla, Mugu, Dolpo, Kalikot and other parts of Nepal have been adopted by the foreigners who are their god father, god mother and god parents. When the children are grown up and want to know about their birth place and biological parents, are interested to see them. Thus, some parents bring their adopted children to Nepal and want to visit the places where their children were adopted from long time back. Our company has been helping to those parents that have difficulties to reach to the birth place and meet with the biological parents of their adopted children.    

Some orphan children also have been adopted abroad from Nepal. The god parents of orphan children come to Nepal to show their children their birth place. We take to the god parents and their adopted children to the right  places where the children were born in Nepal.

If any adopted children, a boy or a girl are interested to find out their biological parents, please mail us. We need the name and surname of such children given by their biological parents before giving  adoptation and birth place/address in Nepal. If the adopted children or their god parents have no such record, just the place where they were adopted is also helpful for us to find out the biological parents of those adopted children. We have already found out some biological parents of the adopted children, also in very remote areas where they were taken to their biological parents by helicopter with the help of our comapany, Nepal Mountain Lovers Treks and Expedition.         

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