Annapurna Circuit

view of himalaya from nagarkot


Annapurna Circuit

Annapurna circuit is the Annapurna circuit trek and lies in Annapurna region area of Nepal. Annapurna circuit trek is the one of the best and renounce trekking trail in the world. Annapurna circuit trek starts from Beshisahar and ends at Naya pool and it took almost 4 weeks to complete this trek. The length of the Annapurna circuit is about 230 kilometer or 145 miles. But now days there are road access and tourists can start from Chamje and can end at Muktinath or Jomsom.The length of the trail is reduced and it is about 160 kilometer or 100 miles.Now days there are many options for this trek.Tourists can complete it in one week also possible.There are regular flights and transport services from Jomsom to Pokhara. So People can make shorter to Longer trek.But if you want to make shorter trek then tourists must good fit otherwise they cannot acclimatize well and it is very danger to trek in higher elevation without well acclimatization. In Annapurna circuit trek Tourists have to cross Thorongla pass with the height of 5416 meter. High altitude sickness starts from 3000 meter. The trail of the Annapurna circuit is flat and passes along the gorge’s river Marshyandi.

Annapurna is the name of the Mountain with the height of 8091 meter .Anna means food grains and purna means full fill .So it is a food grains full filling god. Annapurna is the very important god for the Local people in the view of food grains .During this trek we move around the Annapurna Himal so people started to say this trek as Annapurna circuit. In this trek we can see many beautiful Himalayas like Mountain Manaslu (8163 meter), Dhaulagiri Himal (8167 meter) and many above 7000 meters.

Attractions of the Annapurna circuit trek: The typical villages, rivers, waterfalls, Himalayas, landscape and flora, fauna are most beautiful of this trek. In downhill people can get slanted villages situated on the hills and the green fields and forests are really amazing .As we arrive to higher hills like Manang the jointed Muddy houses are wonderful which reminds us our 500 years back life. We meet Hongde airport at Hongde. It is also one of the attractions in this trek.
When we cross the Manang Village and approach higher hill then starts naked hill except small bushes and Yak and blue ship.Yak and Blue ship are the animals only can be found in higher hills with cold temperature. During the winter all these higher hills are covered with snow and in summer they are open.In higher hills we can get pnly Manange people who are the one tribe of people and live only higher hills and influence with Tibbeten culture and tradition.

The cost of the Annapurna trek depends upon the lenghth of the time,kinds of transport,trekking style of the trek.If people want to make shorter and budjet tour it costs about 1000 USD and if tourists want make longer with comfortable costs will be more than 1500USD.We have many different types of Itinerary varies from one week to 4 weeks.

Best times and tea houses in the Annapurna circuit: Annapurna circuit trek can be done through the whole year except winter and monsoon .In winter and monsoon we have to be little bit care full about the weather .How is the snowing. In monsoon there are a lot of landslides and Mountain Rivers are really wilder .They are very strong and dangers .so we do not recommend trekkers to travel alone. Better take guide or porters from trekking agency. We can get nice tea houses with basic facilities like lodge and foods on the way to Annapurna circuit trek.

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