The best time to travel to Nepal is autumn and spring. Nepal is a landlocked country. Its geographical construction starts from 60 meters high above the sea level to 8848 meters Mount Everest. The weather in Nepal is not the same through the year. It varies in different parts of the country even in the same time. Nepal has four seasons: spring (March-May),  summer/monsoon (Jun-August), autumn (September-November) and winter (December-February). 

Spring is the time of high temperature when the sky cloud free. It is the best season for almost tourist activities, including trekking, all kind of tours, jungle safari, rafting, paragliding, motorbike tour etc. Tourists can see the spectacular views of the Himalayas while trekking in mountainous areas. For tourists in city areas far from the mountains, there are daily mountain flights to view the mountains.   

Monsoon has heavy rainfall, sometimes with storm and stones. Most of days are cloudy in monsoon. The hit is severe in some parts of the country even during the rainfall. The lower part of the country is very hot in monsoon. 

Tours and short trekking in hill and some mountain areas can be done even in monsoon. Some adventure activities such as bungy jump and rafting in some rivers are equally possible in monsoon.

Trekking in some higher elevations like Upper Mustang and Dolpo can be done even in monsoon as there is no monsoon in these places.   

Autumn is the best time to travel to Nepal. It is the time when the weather is pleasant and the views of the Himalayas are very clear. Most of the festivals in Nepal are celebrated in autumn. Therefore, travelling to Nepal in autumn is a great chance for the tourists to explore the culture, tradition and festivals. 

All types of tours and adventure activities, including paragliding and Zip and Ultra Flyer, are perfect to take pleasure in autumn.           

Trekkers in all trekking trails enjoy the breathtaking views of Nepali Himalayas in autumn. Rafting also very exciting in Nepal and autumn is the best season for rafting in all rivers in Nepal, including the challenging rivers .

Winter is foggy in almost all parts of the country, mainly in the morning. The terai low land is really affected by the cold as for about two weeks the sun does not come out in winter. In the higher elevation, there is a lot of  snowfall and most of the trekking routes and roads are covered by the snow. People from most of the higher elevation area come down to the flat areas to get rid of the snow. In the beginning of spring they go back to their home.

Normally the long distanced trekking in high elevation and rafting in big rivers do not take place in December and January. But the tourists enjoy the short trek, hiking, tours, jungle safari, paragliding and other adventure activities in winter with wonderful mountain views. Though sometime in winter the weather is not that clear due to the thick fog, mainly in the morning.   

For the wildlife adventure, tourists enjoy in Chitwan and Bardiya National Park. Except monsoon, wildlife in Nepal is exciting in all seasons.

Tourists wanting a short trek combined with culture tour or just cultural tour and a short trek, hiking and peak climbing can travel to Nepal throughout the year. But tourists might have less chance to see the beautiful mountains as the mountain views in monsoon depends on the weather.

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