Bhaktapur Durbar Square Tour

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Bhaktpur is another important royal palace in Kathmandu valley which is the least developed than Kathmandu and Patan Durbar Square. Bhaktapur, the Newari city, is 16 km. far from Kathmandu. Before 15th century the whole Kathmandu valley was ruled by Bhaktpur. In 15th century, a Malla king, who had 3 sons, made three kingdoms for their convenience. The constructions of the large amount of temples in Durbar Squares in the valley are the result of the tough competition between the kings over their power. As there was always competition and fight between three kingdoms, they lost their power in 1768 at what time started another monarchy know as Shah Dynasty in Nepal.

Bhaktapur literally means the city of devotees known as the city famous for woodcarving, handmade papers, pottery and cloth weaving. People in Bhaktapur are really cultural and traditional. Their main profession is farming. Before Bhaktapur was known as “Bhadgaun” that means the rice village.

Around every corner of the square you will see the narrow paved streets harbor hidden shrines and statues. It gives you a fantastic atmosphere to relax the entire day in major cultural heritages and temples.

Culture Tour in Bhaktpur  

The Golden Gate: The Golden gate is the entrance of the 55 windows Royal Palace which is one of the main attractions of Bhaktapur tour.

picture of the golden gate bhaktapur nepal

Batsala Devi Temple: Batsala Devi temple is one of the beautiful Shikhara style architectures in Nepal. In the terrace of Batsala Devi temple, there is a bronze bell called as ‘barking bell’ by the local people who believe that the bell ringing made the dogs bark. That is why is called as ‘barking bell’.

Pashupatinath Temple: Pashupatinath temple is full of erotic pictures.

The National Art Gallery: The National Art Gallery contains ancient and medieval paintings belonging to Hindu and Buddhist schools.

Nyatapola Temple: The 17th century Pagoda style temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Bhaktpur. This is the tallest temple in Bhaktapur.                                                                                                                                                 A wonderful Nyatapola temple of bhaktapur

Bhairab Temple: Bhairab Temple is situated close to Nyatpola Temple. The Bhairab Temple belongs to the god of terror.

Dattatraya Temple: Dattatraya temple is built in 1427AD. It is said that this temple was built of the trunk of a single tree.

Pottery Square: There are still many potters in Bhaktpur working with their traditional wooden wheels that give various shape and size to clay. Bhaktapur is one of the renounced places to preserve the world’s old pottery profession.

Potters drying decorative items made by soil clay.

Wakupati Narayan Temple: Wakupati Narayan temple is one the 15th century temples. This temple is considered as the temple of harvesting god.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           wakupati Narayan is considered as a harvesting god in Nepal.                                                                                                 

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