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Bouddhanath Stupa is the biggest stupa in South Asia. This stupa is situated in Kathmandu valley, seven km far from the centre of Kathmandu city. This Buddhist monument was built in 5th century but renovated time to time. Bouddhnath stupa, constructed in the Mandela shape, is the mediating instrument of Buddhists. It is about 130ft height with about1600ft circumference surrounded by the brick wall. There are 147 niches with the preying wheels on the wall. ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ written in the praying wheels is the Buddhist chanting to get the merit of worship in the name of god.

Bouddhanath stupa has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

According to Buddhist legend, this marvelous stupa was built by a woman named Gagima. She married with four men, gave birth to four children and collected more money from four husbands. With that money, she wanted to build a marvelous thing but the rulers of that time were not interested to see any marvelous things built by normal people. Thus, they did not give her any land. But the woman went again to the king and asked small piece of land which is equal to the size of the watter buffalo skin. Finally, the king approved her proposal. The woman was very clever who made very thin thread of the skin and made a circumference with it. The religious and traditional people, mainly the higher caste, were not allowed to touch the circumference made of buffalo skin. Therefore, the woman started to build stupa that took 12 years to complete. Each 12 years there comes a big festival to mark the establishment of the stupa.

In 1959, many Tibetians came to Nepal as refugee and started to live here. At present, Bouddhanath looks like a small Tibetian village. In the morning and evening a crowd of people walk around the stupa to worship the god.

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