Daily Lomanthang Tour

Daily Lomanthang Tour

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Daily Lomanthang tour is the 6 days Upper Mustang tour package from Kathmandu with four wheel Jeep or Public coach. Now days there is road access till Lomanthang from Kathmandu. It takes two days travel to arrive Lomanthang and 2 days travel to drive back to Kathmandu. We can stay 2 nights in Lomanthang and visit all important sightseeing places like a nine cornered Royal palace that was built in 1400 A.D. The most important or popular festival of Lomanthang “Tiji Festival” is celebrated in the complex of the Royal palace for 3 days. The whole Lomanthang village is surrounded by the big wall to protect from any kinds of enemies. The lomanthang village is in the rectangular shape and at each corner there are four measure deities.They were built in the sense of protecting the kingdom as well as people of there.

In Lomanthang there are 4 important Gompa(Temples).Jampa Gompa is the oldest one and built in the starting of the 15th century.Just south west of the Jampa Gompa there is another huge Thubchen Gompa and it was built in 15th century.Chodey Gompa and Choprang Gompas are the another attraction of the Lomanthang.

Lomanthang is the former kingdom of Lo and it was founded by “Ame pal” in 1380 A.D. and till 2008 there was the existence of separate kingdom and they have their own rules and regulations even it was the Nepal. In 2008 Nepal was declared the republic kingdom and all the monarchy was thrown away.Now there is no more King. The last king of Lomanthang was “Jigme Dorje Palbar Bista” and 25th ceremonial king of Lomanthang. He was born in 1933.


images of the buddhist gods and goddess worshiped in upper mustang/lomanthang



In Kathmandu and Pokhara we provide 2 star equivalent hotel like international guest house with bed and breakfast or the higher category of hotel on the requirement of guests. In trekking we provide attached toilet room in low lands. As we arrive to higher elevation it is difficult to get attached toilet room and single room in peak season. In peak season we have to share the room. But we try to provide single room if it is possible.

Foods and drinks

In trekking we can get all kinds of food and select from menu and can have as you like. We do not recommend to eat any kinds of meat that is carried local porters from low land walking with 2-3 days. In trekking region they are not allowed to kill any animals. We recommend to eat all kind of vegetarian food and eggs. You can have meat as you arrive to low lands, Pokhara and Kathmandu. You can get all kind of drinks in trekking route. We recommend to drink Mineral water, boiled water or purified water. Purifying tablet is provided by our guide. All kinds of cold drinks and beers are available in tea houses. In higher elevation we do not recommend to drink hard drink.


one of the most important jhong cave in upper mustang/lomanthang with 43 rooms

Guide and porter

We provide English speaking guide and some guide they can speak extra language like, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian. Extra language guide is not included in this cost. On request of guest we provide extra language guide with extra cost. Our guides and porters are very helpful, kind and dedicated on their duty. Every day they pass massage to us about the situation of the guest, weather in Trekking.

Best time to visit Lomanthang

The best time to visit Lomanthang or Upper Mustang is March to June and September to November.July and August is the monsoon season Nepal though we can do Lomanthang Tour. December to February is winter and temperature goes -25 degree Celsius and the local people close the all houses and come down to Pokhara and Kathmandu to protect from cold.


landscape and cultural photos of the upper mustang


Nepal resumes tourism.
Booking open for Upper mustang tour .Book soon and get big discount.
For nepali only Rs.22675 for 7 days trip including all foods and transport.

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