Daily Muktinath Temple Tour

Daily Muktinath Tour

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 Muktinath is a Muktichhetra or salvation region. It is important for all human being from all religions from the respective of cultural and architecture view. In Nepali language, ammonite is called Shaligram, one of the representations of Lord Bishnu. Buddhist people believe Guru Rimpoche or Padmasambhava, the scholar who founded Buddhism in Tibet in 8th century and did hard meditation in Muktinath. 

Highlights of Muktinath Tour

• A pagoda style Muktinath Temple with many other temples and Gompas:In Muktinath pilgrim could visit the beautiful pagoda style temple know as Muktinath temple and belongs with the god Bishnu.God Bishnu Liberated from here with his meditation.So people started to say Muktinath kheshtra or salvation region.This is very important religious spot for the both Hindu and Buddhist people and we can get there many monastries too.

• 108 water spouts:There are 108 spouts with continue running water.108 is the best number for all hindu and Buddhist.There are many gods and goddes with there different incarnation and representation.So people build 108 spouts on the name of the 108 important deties.

• Dhola Mebar Gompa with eternal burning natural flame, known as goddess Jwala Mai: Just few minutes walk from Muktinath temple there are many eternal burning flames are said to be goddess Jwala Mai.

• Shaligrams:Shaligram is considered to be the representation of the lord Bisnu and we can get them in Kaligandaki river.

• Beautiful views of the Annapurna mountain range, Dhoaulagiri and Nilgiri Himal and Dhyampus Peak

• Beautiful apple and apricot garden


most important religious picture of Muktinath temple that is very important and respected by Hindu and buddhist




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