Kama Sutra art in Nepal

Kama Sutra art in Nepal

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Kama Sutra art in Nepal is an art of the sexual union poses that is carved on the woods and stones. In the day sightseeing in Kathmandu valley tourist can explore Kama sutra Art and architecture. There are so many temples in Kathmandu valley with Kama sutra art and visitors can explore them.

Kama Sutra architectures are very popular in Kathmandu valley which are reflected on the struts of the temples. The main three Durbar Squares in Kathmandu valley and many temples within the premises of these Durbar Suqires, including Jaganath Temple, Char Narayan Temple and Pashupatinath Temple, are very important for Kama Sutra or erotic pictures.

At the time the Durbar Squires and temples with the their premises were built, there was no development of print and electronic means to explore the sexuality. The thought of Kama Sutra through the erotic pictures in the Durbar Squires, probably, was only the way to entertain the kings and queens at that time.   

According to Hindu theology a life would not be completed without the practice of three things:

1.Dharma (religion): Dharma is the path of the right action as explained by the religious text.

2.Artha (economy): Artha is accumulation of wealth and material goods like gold, diamond and different types of jewelry.

3. Kama (sex): Kama is the enjoyment of five sense organs by hearing,feeling,seeing,tasting and smelling. Kama is found everywhere and done by all living creature. Some Hindu texts explain that Kama is as important as food and drinks. Kama Sutra explains 64 love techniques and deals with sexual union.

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