Gadhimai festival In Nepal

Gadhimai festival In Nepal

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Gadhimai temple is in Bariyapur Bara district in southern Nepal. Every five years the world’s largest animal sacrifice takes place at this temple in which Hindu goddess "Gadhimai" is worshiped by millions of devotee from India and Nepal. The month-long festival has raised controversy due to the large number of animals such as water buffaloes, goats, chickens, pigs, pigeons, ducks and rats are slaughtered over two days at the conclusion of the festival with blunt metal tools.

According to Hindu mythology, a feudal landlord, who dreamed to be freed from the prison if he would make a blood to goddess Gadhimai, sacrificed an animal and offered blood to Gadhimai. Animal sacrifice has been strongly practiced at the Gadhimai temple since. This cruel practice is so deeply-rooted belief that people make promise/s to the goddess to offer animals to get rid of any problems they face or any fortune they want to come in their life. Some people make blood sacrifice to appease Gadhimai, known as the goddess of power.

People try their best to offer 'Pancha Bali' meaning the sacrifice of five animals: a rat, goat, rooster, pig and pigeon. Most people offer the male buffalo if Pancha Bali not possible. Rich people offer a number of buffalos whereas people with little income offer just a buffalo or one of the animals within Pancha Bali (five animals).

The next Gadhimai festival is due in November 2019. Animal rights and welfare activists and organizations are putting efforts at their best to make the 300 year old Gadhimai festival free from bloodshed. Instead of animals they have been promoting alternative offerings. The Supreme Court of Nepal has issued an interim order to eliminate this cruel practice. In addition, the other laws put ban on cruelty to animals in Nepal. Implementation of laws however remains a challenge.

Our company organizes tours for tourists, students and pilgrims throughout the year or during the Gadhimai festival. Though we are fully committed to end animal sacrifice.


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