Handicraft Tour in Nepal

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Handicraft Tour in Nepal
Handicraft tour in Nepal is a Kathmandu valley-based tour to explore the handmade products. Nepal is very rich in handicrafts. There are more than thousands of verities of handmade product which are very important to the daily life. Some of them are really attractive to decorate the rooms, houses, royal palaces and temples. Handicraft in Nepal has been very popular from ancient time to now. From 12th century to 18th century was the golden time for the development of handicrafts. The best places to observe the handicrafts in Nepal are in Patan and Bhaktapur city. Sano (small in Nepali) Thimi is a tiny town, on the way to Bhaktapur, is very popular in ceramic production in Nepal.

In Nepal we have mainly three different types of handmade products.
1. Handicrafts made by woods, small plants and grasses: Wood carving is very popular in Kathmandu. The sculptors carve in the wood with different types of images. Mainly they reflect the picture and image of different types of gods and goddesses. They also make picture of  snakes and beautiful birds. During the tour and sightseeing in Kathmandu valley, we can observe those beautiful handmade products.

2. Handicrafts made by metals: In Nepal, metal handicrafts are also very important. Now this art is highly developed. Metal handicrafts are mainly manufactured for the kitchen utensils and the statue of the gods and goddesses. In Kathmandu, tourists could observe wonderful metal handmade products. Normally the sculptors make those handicrafts with bronze, copper, and silver. Some time they make with gold too.

3. Handicrafts made by soil: Soil clay handicrafts are also very popular in Nepal. In ancient time, there was difficult to get the metal utensils for the poor people. So they developed the utensils with soil clay. From soil clay they can make different types of water vessels and decorating objects. There are some potery squares in Kathmandu for the tourists to observe and learn.

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