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Honey Hunting Tour in Nepal

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Honey hunting tour in Nepal is one of the amazing adventure tours. People with good knowledge of rock climbing can easily do honey hunting tour. The wild honeybees make the beehives on the rock, often near by the waterfall. There are no other ways to approach to the beehives, except climbing with the help of bamboo ladder or rope. The lead honey hunter collects honey in the bucket from the beehives and passes down to another person. Honey hunting early in the morning or in the cold is best as in the cold the honeybees are not active and leave the beehives easily.

honey hunting close to the naiche village in lamjung district nepal

Honey hunting is very old tradition in the mountain areas of Nepal. It was the main source of sweets in ancient time when there was no sugar produced. Honey was used for medical purpose which still exists. In the past, people used to organize religious ceremony before collecting honey to protect themselves from the attack of honeybees and any misshapen. Right before the hunting, worship takes place to respect the hard work of honeybees and their contribution to the survival of human beings. 

The traditional way of honey hunting is taken as adventure tour in the world. But in Nepal, honey hunting is still part of traditional livelihood that is why it is more interesting for the tourists to know the Nepali traditional honey hunting knowledge and skills. Besides, the tourists can experience culture, village life and the beautiful scene of green hills and Nepali Himalayas during honey hunting tour.

We offer honey hunting trip for the tourists who would like to observe the traditional honey hunting in Nepal. We also organize honey hunting trip for the purpose of film and documentary production and research.    

 community people are carrying hunting rope

Honey Hunting Tour Itinerary

01 Day: Arrival at the Kathmandu airport and drive to hotel with our office representative
02 Day: Full day sightseeing in Kathmandu Valley
03 Day: About 6 hrs drive to Khudi about 186kms and overnight stay 
04 Day: Walk about 7hrs to get the honey hunting site and overnight stay in a local village
05 Day: Observe honey hunting with the village people and Nepali cultural program is performed by the village woman in the evening 
06 Day: Trek back to Khudi
07 Day: Drive back to Kathmandu
08 Day: Drive to international airport and to fly back home

Note: We have various honey hunting sites. So the itinerary of honey hunting tour depends on the places where the hunting takes place 

bees leave the hives when smoke is there

Wild honey Hunting dates for 2021

April: 29 and 30

May  : 5,6,7,12,13,14,19,20,21,26,27 and 28

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Honey Hunting Tour in Nepal

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