Important trekking information for the tourists who wants to trek in Nepal

1.I am thinking of going trekking in Nepal. Which is the best trekking route in Nepal and the best time?

If you are thinking of going trekking in Nepal, it is the best idea. You have selected the world’s most beautiful natural place. In Nepal, there are many trekking sites and trekking routes. You can do a short to very long trek, with very easy walking to really challenging walking. You can trek to any part of Nepal because it is a hilly and mountainous country. It depends on your hobby. So you could write to the trekking agency and describe your requirements. They will provide you with a better idea. The best seasons to trek in Nepal are October to December and March to April. The easy and short trek, on the other hand, can be done all year round.

2. Where can I find detailed information about trekking and trek equipments?
You can find detailed information in a Lonely Planet guide book and in a well-experienced trekking agency by the trek experts. You have to contact a trekking agency. There are many trekking shops in Thamel . You can get trekking equipment from the trekking shops and maps from any bookshop or trekking agency.

3. Can I trek alone? 
You can do a trek alone in some busy areas. But you must have good knowledge of using a map and be in good physical condition, even though there are many trekkers walking on the trail. In busy areas, too, tourists get lost each year. But in less touristy areas, we do not recommend trekking alone.

4.How do tourists get lost on a trekking route? 
It is a difficult question. But in my view, sometimes they arrive at the crossroads and cannot find the right trail that leads to their destination. If luck doesn’t favor them, then they will get nervous and can have serious sickness. So they can arrive anywhere in the mountains. If some local people visit them, they can bring them to the right place; otherwise, no one can say. 
When they are taking photos of beautiful scenery, they sometimes lose sight of how narrow the trail is and fall into the gorge or river. Then nobody knows. 
High altitude sickness is very dangerous for individual tourists. If he or she is known by other tourists or guides, they will be helped and could survive.

5.What is the best idea to trek in Nepal? 
The best idea for trekking in Nepal is through a trekking agency with a guide and porter. If you cannot hire a guide or porter, then you must find some friends and go together.

6. Is it compulsory to buy a trekking permit and a TIMS card? 
Yes,it is compulsory to buy a trekking permit and a TIMS card for most of the trekking routes in Nepal. In some restricted areas, we have to pay extra government royalty too. But in some places, it is free. So, for the details, you could ask at a trekking agency.

7. What type of dress should I wear during the trek? 
Locals have been in contact with tourists for a long time on busy trekking routes. So they don’t mind the dressing up. In less touristy areas, women should wear full trousers and a long-sleeved t-shirt or shorts.

8. Where can I store my extra luggage when I go to trek?
You can store your extra luggage at your hotel or trekking agency. When you come back from trekking, then collect them. If you are not coming back, then the luggage will be brought to your trek ending point if it is possible. But the cost you have to pay.

9.What are the health precautions during the trek? 
It is very important to be conscious about your health when you are travelling in an underdeveloped country, even though the hotel and food are clean and hygienic. You have to drink plenty of water. If mineral water is not possible, please take some water purifying tablets and other basic medicines.

10.What can tourists do in case of an emergency on a trek? 
In case of an emergency, please inform your guide or porter. If you are trekking alone, then try to get a police check post or village people. Then pass the message to your embassy or counselor’s office. They will send you a chartered helicopter. So please bring your insurance ID number with your phone number and the phone numbers of your closest relatives.

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