Khokana Village Tour

Khokana Village Tour

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Khokana is a tiny Newar traditional village, situated eight km south to Kathmandu city. It is called as ' living museum' that recalls medieval time when Nepal was ruled by Malla kings. One of the traditions of this village is that people do not keep chicken in their house. Hence, one can see lots of duck and duckling in the street of Khokana village.       

Khokana is famous for its mustard-oil harvesting process in which a heavy wooden beam is used to crush the mustard seeds to extract the oil. Due to the influence of modern oil product, this traditional process of mustard-oil production is in less practice now.

Women sitting outside spinning, men crushing seeds and other daily activities reflect the social and cultural life of local people. It is also the first village, to be electrified, before the Kathmandu city.

There is a three-storey temple of Shree Rudrayani in the center of the town. In every January Khokana festival is held to showcase the unique aspects of the village which is well attended by the people from other villages and Kathmandu city.

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