Lord Buddha birth place Tour

Lord Buddha birth place Tour

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Lord Buddha Birth Place Tour

Lord Buddha birt place tour is the tour in Lumbini to visit the birth place of Lord Buddha and the royal palace where Buddha was grown up. Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Buddha which is about 300 kilometer southwest of the capital Kathmandu. Lumbini is the one of the greatest pilgrimage sites for Buddhists and peace sicker of the world .The Buddha himself proclaimed Lumbini as one of the foremost pilgrimage sites among the famous Chatumahastana( the four great places of birth,enlightenment,sermon and Mahaparinirvana).
The primary attraction of Lumbini is the sacred garden, where Lord Buddha was born. The sacred pool of the lake lies in this garden where Mayadevi took a holy dip before giving birth to the Buddha and in the same pool Buddha also took first bath.
In Lord Buddha package tour tourist can visit Tilaurakot as the actual capital of Kapilvastu and the home of king Suddhodhan, father of prince Siddhartha who later went on to become the Buddha. This is believed to be the place where Lord Buddha spent the first 29 years of his princely life. Tilaurakot located about 27 kilometer west from the Lumbini. In the complex of the royal palace now we can see some ruins of the royal palace. It is also very important in the view of archaeologist’s site.


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