Mount Kailash Tour

Mount Kailash Tour

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Mount Kailash tour is the pilgrimage tour to approach the land of god Shiva, the supreme god of the Hindus. To approach the Mount Kailash one should need spiritual power. It is not possible to arrive there only with physical power. Mount Kailash where we can approach nowadays is the replica of the original one.

How it came to existence here

Ram is very important god in Hindu religion. He is an incarnation of lord Vishnu. Once there was a fight between Ram and the demon king Ravan from Sri Lanka. For the revive of his soldiers Ram sent the Hanuman to Mount Kailash to bring meditational plant which is very effective and could give a life to injured soldiers. By the time Hanuman reached Mount Kailash, he had forgotten the name of the meditational plant. Hence, brought the whole mountain. Later lord Ram told Hanuman to bring back the mountain in the land of lord Shiva. So he left the whole mountain over there with some tips of snow. Later this place turned into lilfrimage site for Hindu and Buddhist people.

Buddhist people they believe it as the place of the god Chakrasamvara.

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