Mt. Everest Expedition

Mt. Everest Expedition

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Approach towards Mount Everest is still the ultimate mountaineering voyage. Renowned as the highest mountain in the world, Everest has its immense appeal to mountaineers and fascination for non-climbers, but it also has tremendous allure because of its position in Nepal's Khumbu, one of the world's most beautiful mountain regions connected with it’s astonishing expedition history. An ascent of Everest provides mammoth personal confront, a rewarding cultural experience on approach, and a personal association with a rich history of exploration.

An attempt on Mt Everest is also a major undertaking which requires significant climbing experience, solid alpine skills, good mountain judgment, excellent physical conditioning, and a huge amount of dedication and determination. If you see Everest as a definite or possible climbing goal for yourself, we can help you through all the stages of your preparation, from technical skills development to training in cold weather survival skills and the gaining of climbing experience at high altitude.

We climb Everest via the South Col route from Nepal in the spring season because this route and timing offer the absolute best chance of success. Routes from the north are technically more difficult, especially high on the mountain, and in the spring climbing season, we gain the dual advantages of getting progressively milder weather as we move closer to the summit and of climbing more stable slopes because the winter winds have scoured away much of the snow, significantly reducing the avalanche hazard.

This expedition is a joint American Alpine Institute / Adventure Consultants undertaking. The Institute has the most extensive and successful high altitude guiding record in the world, and Adventure Consultants has the highest success rate guiding on Mt. Everest (with 64 climbers reaching the summit). Both companies are committed to meticulous preparation. From expert Sherpas and support staff, to careful menu planning, oxygen support, satellite communication, environmental protection, and a mountain clean-up plan, our expedition is finely tuned to Leave No Trace while offering you the highest possible chances for success.

By the time you arrive at the base camp at the foot of the Khumbu Icefall, a route will already be established with ropes and ladders through the icefall to Camp 1, and our b Sherpa team will be ferrying loads of equipment up the mountain. On your first acclimatization foray, you'll spend several days at and above Camp 2. On your second foray, you'll spend several days and nights at Camp 3, and on your summit attempt, we will climb through the established camps with lightweight packs to Camp 4 on the South Col. All climbers will be sleeping on bottled oxygen before setting out for the summit, carrying only very lightweight Russian oxygen bottles.

The expedition will be organized in such a way to allow members to concentrate largely on their own health and performance, without the burden of load carrying or dealing with logistics. A doctor, who is experienced in high altitude medicine, will be resident at base camp throughout the expedition to monitor your acclimatization and provide for your health care.

To gain a full understanding of your body's response to altitude and to gain experience with Himalayan conditions, we recommend you join us for two expeditions prior to Everest (Alaska's Denali and Tibet's Cho Oyu are our top choices for your preparatory steps to the summit of Everest).

Hope these texts above has been succeeded to cover all the needed information without lagging anything behind and harmly appologizes if incase, please contact with us for more details at anytime...

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