Our Team

Our Team

Mr. Tara D.C

I am Tara D.C, the owner of Nepal Mountain Lovers Treks and expedition. I am government registered tourist guide. I love to escort tour and trekking. I have very good knowledge of trekking, tour, and culture in Nepal. I spent almost  20 years in culture tour and trekking in Nepali Himalaya. I have visited many times the important cultural spots and trekking routs in Nepal, Darjeeling and Sikkim in India, and Bhutan.  I speak English, German, Indian, Nepali fluently and Spanish a little. If you have plan to travel to Nepal please contact us. My team and I will be happy to give you accurate information about the trekking, tour, rafting, jungle safari, sightseeing, expedition and other adventure activities in Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan. We have the following team to support Nepal Mountain Lovers Treks and Expedition. 


Mr. Sailendra Paudyal  
Sailenrdra  Paudyal has master degree in management. He has more than 15 years experience as tourist guide. He is a government registered tourist guide. He is professional tourist guide and trekking leader. He has very good knowledge of trekking and geography, religion, culture of Nepal. He speaks English, Nepali, Indian fluently and little Chinese.

Mr. Bishwash K.C

Bishwash K.C is an office assistant. He is doing his graduation in management. He has very good knowledge of hospitality. He is very interested to work with the guests and provide them with any help they need.  

Mr. Kumraj B.K

Kumraj B.K is the trekking guide for last 8 years.  He is very good trekking guide. He is really interested to work with the tourists. He is very helpful and cooperative. He finished his high school education with scholarship by one of the western guests. He is from marginal ethnic group in western region Nepal. Kumraj wants to develop his own home town that is he is working in the village. He is responsible to manage and coordinate trekking in wetern region in Nepal.  

Mr. Wangdi Sherpa

He is government registered trekking guide. He has very practical knowledge of trekking and long trekking experience with the tourists from different countries.

Mr. Gelu Sherpa

He is a government registered trekking guide. He speaks very good English and German language. He is down to earth. Takes good care of the guests while trekking. He is excellent to advice the guests on Do's and Don'ts during the trekking in a nice way.

Ms. Sita Chaudhary

Sita is a young assistant trekking guide. She is from mid-western Nepal. She represents Tharu indigenous group in Nepal. She is very strong in the field and loves to travel with the tourists. She is little shy and very calm. She takes her responsibility happily and shares her ideas with big smile.

Ms. Nirmala Giri

She is a young and very energetic trekking guide from Dang Nepal. She has many ideas to make the trips live. She loves to sing Neplai folk songs and dance. She is very careful and helpful. She manages trips very well with intertainment. She enjoys trekking, hiking and other adventure activities. She learns new things from the guests when she travels with them.

Freelance trekking, tour & rafting guides with us  

Besides the above small fulltime team, we work with different government registered feelance trekking, tour and rafting guides. Our freelance guides are professional who have more than 10 years trekking, tour and rafting experience and expertise. They have extended knowledge of trekking and tour in Nepal, Bhutan, India, China and Tibet. Our freelance trekking and tour guides speak different languages such as German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, English, Italy, Russian and Hindi.