Patan Durbar Square Tour

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Patan Durbar Square, situated in southeast of Kathmandu city, is full of ancients palace, temples and shrines and beautiful carvings. The ancient Royal Palace is the main attraction of Patan Durbar Square that consists of three main Chowks (courtyards) known as Mul Chowk, Sundari Chowk and Mani Keshab Narayan Chowk.

The palace for Royal bath called “Tushhity”, a masterpiece of stone architecture, lies in the centre of the Square. The three storied octagonal temple of Taleju Bhawani built in 1667 and a temple of Degu Taleju are within the premises of Durbar Square.

Patan is the oldest of all three cities in Kathmandu valley. It is the city of beauty which is famed for its wealth of Buddhist and Hindu temples with an abundance of fine bronze gateway and wonderful carvings. There are more than 1200 Buddhists monuments. Around second century BC, Ashoka, the great emperor of India, visited this city and built four Stupas in the four corners of the city.

Patan is the most famous historical town to produce the highest number of most talented artists and finest craftsmen in Nepal.

Patan is nominated in the list of world heritage site by UNESCO.

Culture Tour in Patan

Patan Museum: Patan museum is situated inside the Patan Durbar Square. This museum is specialized in bronze and religious objects. Tourists can explore the ideas of fine arts in Patan museum.

Krishana Mandir (Temple):  Krishana Mandir is situated in the area of Patan Darbar Square. Krishna Mandir, made of stone, is a Shikhara style temple.

Golden Temple:  Golden Temple is situated inside the Hiranya Varna Mahavihara. This Temple was built in the 12th century.

Kumbheshwor Temple: Kumbheshwor temple is a five-tiered temple. This temple belongs with the Lord Shiva.

Jagatnarayan Temple: Jagatnarayan temple is situated in Sankhamul, Patan. This temple belongs with Lord Vishnu. Jagatnarayan temple has many fine stone images.

Mahabudhha Temple: Mahabudhha temple is situated just ten minutes walk from Patan Durbar Square. This temple was built by the terracotta bricks and each brick contains the images of Buddha. This is one of the fantastic temples in Patan.

The Ashokas Stupas:  The great emperor Ashoka once visited Kathmandu valley and built four Stupas in 250 BC at the four cardinal direction of Patan. These Stupas are the evidence of the Patan city of religious importance.

Machhendranath Temple: Mchhendranath temple is situated in Tabahal, Patan.  Mchhendranath is very important god in Patan as he is a god of many guises and associated with the rain.

Minanath Temple: Minanath temple, next to Machhendranath temple, was built in 16th century.  Minanath is the teacher of god Machhendranath.

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