Shamanism Tour in Nepal

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Shamanism tour in Nepal explores the Shamanism practice. In ancient time, there was no availability of allopathic medicine and modern health services to cure different types of diseases. People believed in supernatural forces, leading to cause different types of sickness. The trees, rocks, rivers, mountains, hills, moon, sun, stars, passes, deurali (sources of water) were also believed to have been carrying spiritual power that could hamper people or could make them sick. The Shamanism practice was established due to the lack of medicine and health services.

Shamanism is a kind of healing. During the healing, the Shaman carries himself the sprite of causing sickness and explains the reasons behind the sickness. Shamanism is somehow associated with the witchcraft practice that still exists in Nepali society. The Shaman while healing finds out the demands of the God or witchcraft for what the sickness was caused. The family of sick people offer things to the God or witchcraft  as asked by the Shaman. Normally, chicken, goat, sheep and some amount of money and alcohol are offered. In many cases, sick people are found to have been feeling better after the Shaman finishes healing.

The Shaman wears a special uniform decorated with different types of colorful long feather of birds and plays a special leather drum and other musical instruments and sings a religious melody. For foreigners, the conduct of Shamanism is really interesting and amazing.



shamans are dancing and healing to drive away bad evils from village




Female shaman in Nepal hanging bells on her neck.


In July 18 and 19 of 2018 there is big festival of shamans in Rukum district of Nepal.If any tourists are interested to explore shamanism you can join for this program.For the detail package and cost you can write us mail.



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The initial price based on 1 adult with the lowest price in low season

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    The initial price based on 1 adult with the lowest price in low season