Social Tour in Nepal

Social Tour in Nepal

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Social tour in Nepal is a special tour to learn the society of Nepal.  In Nepal there are more than hundreds of ethnic groups, languages, cultures, and traditions. Almost 80% people live in the village area and their main income is agriculture. The economic condition of the Nepali people is very low. But the people are very happy. If some people get any problem in the village, almost all they want to share it.
The culture and the society of the village people are amazing. So   if some people interested to explore about different tradition you could visit our beautiful villages to learn the society of Nepal.  We have so many different types of villages due to the geographical construction. In some villages we can arrive with transport. But some are so remotest we have to walk one or two week’s treks.  To design the itinerary please informs us about your time and interested ethnic group. But normally we have one month itinerary. It can be extended and shortened as the requirements of you.

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Day 01: Arrival