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A special interest tour is a tour package in Nepal that includes a specific program tailored to the travelers’ or trekkers’ interests.In our special tour program, we offer study, volunteer, sports, and hobby tour packages. Nepal is a mountainous country, and most of the country is covered with hills. In Nepal, there are many different tribes of people, and they speak many different dialects. There are many ups and downs, hills, and mountains due to the different geographical construction.The flat land rises from about 50 meters above sea level to 8848 meters.In flat land, there are people of Indian origin in the south, near the Indian border, who have their own culture and traditions.In the hill area, there are Chetri, Bahun, Damai, Kami, Limbu, Gurung, Magar, and many other tribes of people. Each of these tribes has its own culture and traditions.Sherpas, who are known for their mountain climbing abilities, live in higher hilly and mountainous areas.They also have their own culture and traditions.
People from flat and middle-hill areas of higher caste are typically more educated and in better economic standing.So a person who is interested in volunteering and studying it is in the perfect place in Nepal.

We have many national parks, rocks, flora, fauna, and lakes. They are very exciting tours for hobbyists.Shamanism is practiced by many tribes of people in Nepal, each with their own style.So tourists who are interested in shamanism could join our shamanism tour package.

We have regular mountain flights to view the spectacular scenery of the higher mountain areas and Mount Everest. Mountain flights, in particular, are operated to view Mount Everest and other snow-capped mountains. In Nepal, tourists cannot trek to Everest base camp; mountain flight is the best option to approach close to Mount Everest.

Special Interest Tours in Nepal

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The initial price based on 1 adult with the lowest price in low season

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    From: $0

    The initial price based on 1 adult with the lowest price in low season