Sun Koshi River Rafting

Sun Koshi River Rafting

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The Sun Koshi River in Nepal is considered to be one of the world's ten most classic river journeys. Sun means gold and Koshi means river in Nepali language. Therefore, Sun Koshi is known as  the 'River of Gold'.  The Sun Koshi used for both rafting and intermediate kayaking originates in Tibet Autonomous Region of China.

Sun Koshi river rafting trip is an amazing mixture of powerful whitewater with incredible scenery. Traversing through 270 km of river running through the beautiful Mahabharata Mountain range, the rafters can view high mountains, open valley, beautiful forests and remote villages at the beginning if the trip in  the longest Sun Koshi River. As this river runs through  Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, many species of birds and monkeys and leopards can be seen while rafting. The trip ends with the wonderful  scenery, in particular, the open plains and the thriving village of Chatara.

No roads and towns are in between the starting and ending point of the river rafting in the most challenging and wild Sun Koshi River. A trip to Sun Koshi River is excellent to boast some of the biggest waves and spend tranquil nights on the fine sandy beaches under the open sky camp. One of the camping spots is at an interesting convergence of three of the major rivers, Arun, Tamur and Sun Koshi, in eastern Nepal.  

The best seasons to raft in Sun Koshi River are March-May and October-December each year.

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