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Tensen is a very popular pristine hill town in Palpa district, situated 1300 m. above sea level. It is located on the way from Pokhara to Lumbini. Major attractions of Tansen are the ancient culture, including attractive Newar houses, excellent mountain views of long Himalayan range such as whole range Dhaulagiri in the north-west, Annapurna in the north and Manaslu in the north-east. The hand woven cloth called “Dhaka” is most popular in Tansen. The Nepali Topi “National Cap” is made off Dhaka. From the room of your hotel you can view the snowcapped mountains and beautiful pine forest. A walk in the surrounding countryside takes you to the bank of Kali Gandaki River and the huge Rani Mahal.

The historical ‘Rani Mahal’ is situated in Baigha Gumba village development committee in Palpa district Nepal. Rani means the queen and Hahal means the palace in Nepali language. Rani Mahal is located at the bank of Kali Gandaki river that is just 7km from the main Tansen city. The story behind the construction of this Mahal is similar to the Taj Mahal in India. Upon the death of his wife, Khadka Samsher Jang Bahadur Rana , the then governor of Palpa, got mad for two years. Later in the memory of his wife, he built this Mahal in 1882 which completed in 1892. The Mahal made off a big stone is a symbol of Nepali arts, architecture and stone carving. 

Beautiful Rani Mahal and Ranighat river and its peaceful surrounding forest with different birds is really pleasant to visit. A 7km hike from Tansen city gives tourists an oppertunity to see the natural beauty of Nepal on the way to the Mahal, including small rivers, waterfall, gorge, Barangdi Khoal (river), Baikuntha hill and Hattidhunga (elephant staone). About a half-an hour off-road drive is possible to make to Rani Mahal.

For the tourists that come to Nepal from India via Sunauli border, it is very short to visit Tansen city and Rani Mahal. From Sunauli,via Butwal, to Tansen it takes only two hrs. The weather is pleasant any time in Tansen. The tourists can visit Tansen in any season, except the monsoon.    



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