Tour in Nepal

Tour in Nepal

Tour in Nepal is very exciting to explore diverse culture, arts, architectures, traditions and religions in and outside the Kathmandu Valley, the  culturally very rich valley in Nepal. It is one of the spiritual valleys as many Hindu and Buddhist gods and goddesses, Sages and Gurus (teachers) visited this place in the ancient time. There is a belief that Kathmandu was a meditation centre for many Hindu and Buddhist gods and goddesses. The existing Hindu temples, Buddhist sputas and monasteries in the Kathmandu Valley represent this belief.

There are many Vihars (the Buddhist schools) in the valley. The establishment of Vihars was intended to teach people about the Buddhist philosophy, religion and daily rituals.

Kathmandu Valley comprises of three Durbar Squares dated from 12th to 19th century and listed in the World Heritage Site in 1979. Durbar Square is the area of the Former Royal Palace where situated the king's palace and different types of temple connected with different gods and goddesses. Therefore, Durbar Square is the collection of temples and royal palace. 

In Nepal, people and the rulers were extremely religious who believed to be protected by gods and goddesses in case of any misshapen in their kingdom. Therefore, they built many and different types of temple in the name of gods and goddesses according to their important duty and role upon the human being as well as the universe. In Durbar Square, there are 12th to 19th century old temples but renovated time to time. Near each palace situated a Kumari (Living goddess) house. The Kumari is the protecting goddess of royal palace as well as people. The Kumari in Kathmandu Durbar Square is considered to be the most important and original one.

There are mainly three different types of temple.

Nyatpol temple of bhaktapur is the one of the best pagoda style temple in Nepal

1. Pagoda style (ruff over ruff and the upper ruff is smaller than down)

 swoyambhunath,best stupa style temple in Nepal

2. Stupa style (dome) -all the Buddhist Stupa

shikhar style temple in pashupatinath with old house

3. Shikhar (Peak) style

People from different cultural, ethnic and religious background live in the Kathmandu Valley where the arts, architects, festivals and rituals are quite diverse. The 'Newars' are the original inhabitant of the Kathmandu Valley. Most of them are very traditional who still follow their rituals and festivals to preserve their culture.

We provide the following tour packages in Nepal.

Tour in Nepal

Best Tour in Nepal - 10 days

Best Tour in NepalNepal's best tour package includes sightseeing in Kathmandu and sightseeing and adventure activities ...

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Nepal Overland Tour - 9 days

Nepal Overland TourNepal overland tour is one of the best ways to explore the culture, tradition, religion, and ...

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Nepal Holiday Tour - 9 days

Nepal Holiday TourNepal Holiday Tour is one of the best tour packages for tourists to make their holiday fully ...

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Nepal Adventure Tour - 8 days

Nepal Adventure TourNepal is a paradise for adventure tourist. Nepal is a very small country in Topography but very ...

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Nepal Nature Tour - 8 days

Nepal Nature TourNepal nature tour is one of the best tours to explore the natural beauty of Nepal.

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Nepal Honeymoon Tour package - 9 days

Nepal Honeymoon Tour packageNepal Honeymoon Tour package is an excellent tour package for the newly married couple.

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Temple Tour in Nepal - 6 days

Temple Tour in NepalTemple Tour in Nepal is a religious tour in Nepal. Nepal is the country where hundreds of religious ...

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Kathmandu Pokhara Tour - 5 days

Kathmandu Pokhara TourKathmandu - Pokhara 5 days’ tour is one of the best tours to observe the culture and natural ...

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Kathmandu and Lumbini Tour - 9 days

Kathmandu and Lumbini TourKathmandu , Lumbini, Pokhara and Chitwan National Park 9 days’ tour is one of the best overland ...

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Luxurious Tours in Nepal - 12/10/09/03 days

Luxurious Tours in NepalWe have many different types of Luxurious Tours to be arranged based on the requirements of tourists. ...

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Nepal Rural Tour - 4/6/7/9 days

Nepal Rural TourNepal Rural Tour is one of the best tour packages to learn the real life, culture and tradition ...

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Taste of Nepal Tour - 13 days

Taste of Nepal TourTaste of Nepal tour package is the tour in which tourist can taste all kinds of activities and ...

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Kathmandu Chitwan National Park Tour - 6 days

Kathmandu Chitwan National Park Tour Kathmandu, Chitwan National park and pokhara 8 days tour is the one of the best tour to observe ...

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Two Weeks Nepal Tour Package - 14 days

Two Weeks Nepal Tour PackageTwo weeks Nepal tour package is the nepal tour holiday in which we visit all important sightseeing ...

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Swargadwari Tour - 5 days

Swargadwari TourSwargadwari is the Hindu pilgrimage site and located in the Puethan district of Nepal. Swargadwari ...

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Pokhara Tour - 4 days

 Pokhara TourPokhara is the most naturally beautiful place in Nepal. It is one of the most charming spots ...

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Tansen Tour - 2 days

Tansen Tour Tensen is a very popular pristine hill town in Palpa district, situated 1300m above sea level. ...

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Lumbini Tour - 2 days

Lumbini Tour Lumbini is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the world. The birthplace of Lord Buddha ...

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Gorkha Tour - 2 days

Gorkha Tour . Gorkha is the original kingdom of Shah dynasty and the birth place of king Prithibi Narayan ...

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Bandipur Tour -

Bandipur Tour Bandipur is one of the hilltop settlements of Newar people situated in 143km north-west of Kathmandu ...

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Lord Buddha birth place Tour - 5 days

Lord Buddha birth place TourLord Buddha birth place tour is the tour in Lumbini to visit the birth place of Lord Buddha and ...

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Tilicho Lake Tour -

Tilicho Lake TourTilicho Lake tour is the adventure tour as well as a religious tour. The lake is situated at ...

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Daily Muktinath Temple Tour - 6-8 days

Daily Muktinath Temple TourDaily Muktinath tour is the 4 days Muktinath tour package.It is very important, popular and ...

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Damodar Kund Tour - 4 days

Damodar Kund TourDamodar kund tour is the Journey to approach close to the god Shiva. During the travel God Shiva ...

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Explore Mountains in Nepal - 10 days

Explore Mountains in NepalExplore mountains in Nepal from the sky, hills, land, and water in Nepal.

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Kama Sutra art in Nepal -

Kama Sutra art in NepalKama Sutra art in Nepal is an art of the sexual union poses that is carved on the woods and stones....

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Mount Everest Tour - 10

Mount Everest TourMount Everest Tour is the Mount Everest holiday package to explore Mount Everest base camp with ...

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Students Tour to Nepal -

Students Tour to Nepal Nepal is a small developing country in South Asia. Economically, Nepal is among the world's poor ...

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Buddhism circuit tour in Nepal - 6 days

Buddhism circuit tour in NepalBuddhism circuit tour in Nepal is a religious and cultural travel package

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Wonderful Nepal -

Wonderful NepalKathmandu is a small valley in Nepal and full of wonderful Temples, Monasteries, and Stupas

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Breathtaking Nepal - 4 Days

Breathtaking NepalThe culture, Mountain View of the Mount Everest, art, and architecture of the Nepal is breathtaking...

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Weekend holiday package in Nepal - 3 Days

  Weekend holiday package in NepalWeekend holiday packages in Nepal are designed to get relax alone, groups or with family

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3 Days Dubai Nepal tour - 3 Days

 3 Days Dubai Nepal tour3 Days Dubai Nepal tour is the short tour holidays for the tourists who can explore the tour ...

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7 days Dubai Nepal family tours -

7 days Dubai Nepal family tours7 days Dubai Nepal family tours is the Family holiday trip package from Dubai to Nepal to visit ...

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Daily Lomanthang Tour - 6days

Daily Lomanthang TourDaily Lomanthang tour is the 6 days Upper Mustang tour package from Kathmandu with four wheel ...

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5 days Qatar Nepal tour - 5 days

5 days Qatar Nepal tour5 days Qatar Nepal tour is the short holiday package tour in Nepal for the tourists who want ...

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One night trip near Kathmandu - 2days

One night trip near KathmanduOne night trip near Kathmandu is the one night two days package near Kathmandu valley. It is ...

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Half day tour in Kathmandu - 1/2 days

Half day tour in KathmanduHalf day tour in Kathmandu is designed for the tourist for 3 hours sightseeing in Kathmandu.

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