Why travel with us ?

Why travel with us ?

1. Well designed itinerary with experienced guide
We have already designed the itinerary for the tours, treeking and adventure activities in Nepal. If those fixed packages meet your interest and requirements, you can choose them. But if you would like to make your trip different from our set itineraries, please let us know your interest and time to trek or travels in Nepal. Based on what we will design a new package which will meet your requirements. We do not want to lose your valuable time and holiday with unsuitable itinerary and travel package.

Our guides are experienced who speak good English and know well take care of the guests. If you need your language speaking guide, we can provide that too.

I am as a experinced tour guide have realized that it is really hard to organize the trip in underdeveloped country due to not well functioning infrastructure and development. But if you get best services from us your trip could be a good memory in your your life time.

There are more than two thousands travel and trekking companies in Nepal. It is difficult to know which the better company is. If it is managed by guides, you will get reasonable price with accurate information and reliable services.

2. Value of the money
We are strongly concern the value of your money that you pay us to get the excellent service. Collecting money and plan a holiday is a long process. So we are neither cheaper nor expensive company. We charge you reasonable price that can provide best services. How that comes definitely it arises a question in your mind. It is very easy answer we have less margin of profit.

3. Safety on the trip
Safety is the most important factor in the underdeveloped country. Nepal is the mountainous country and we cannot get the hospitals and clinics everywhere. Normally in trekking, we have to walk higher elevation above 3000 to 5000 meters. So there is more chances to suffer from the high altitude sickness. Our guides take the First Aid Kits with them to all trekking and long route tour.  We recommend our valuable guests to walk slowly to acclimatize. Slow walk protects you from the high altitude sickness. Some time our guide can change the route for the safety of the guests.

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