Wildlife study in Nepal

Wildlife study in Nepal

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Wildlife study in Nepal

Wildlife study in Nepal is the best place in the world to explore nature of wildlife, their habitats and effect of global warming, lack of space due to deforestation and poaching.

26 species of mammals, nine birds and three reptiles are protected by the government of Nepal. There are some animals that can be seen easily in low and mountain area easily like spotted deer, Barking deer, Himalaya thar, Blue sheep and common leopard. Before many years ago local people could hunt them for their foods. But now days government confined them to their prime habitats and educating local people the important of wildlife to keep the nature and environment balance.


There are 185 species of mammals found in Nepal. In low land of Nepal there is dense forest with elephant grass and it is suitable for Asiatic elephant, one-horned rhinoceros, leopard, Royal Bengal tiger, Rhesus monkey, languor, hyena, jackal, wild boar, antelope, wild cat, wolf, sloth bear, Spotted deer, barking deer, Samberg and wild buffalo. Koshi tappu is very popular for wild buffalo and Suklaphanta is the home for swamp deer. In Bardiya National park we found blackbucks.

Narayani and Karnali rivers are very popular for gangetic dolphins. Leopard and red panda are very popular in Himalayan region of Lang tang national park and Kanchanjunga Conservation area. Dhorpatan hunting reserve is the home of blue sheep and Himalayan thar.


There are many different types of reptiles found in Nepal. Among them two indigenous species of crocodile like fish eating gharial and Marsh mugger. There is one successful breeding project in Chitwan National park. Snacks like cobras, Indian python, krats and vipers are found in Nepal. We found here turtles and lizards too.



Nepal has more than 850 species of birds. Among them half of the species are found around in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal.

Chitwan National park and Bardiya National park are very popular for verities of birds. Some migrating birds they come here during winter and go back to their original home when summer started. Koshi tappu is another national park that is very popular for bird watching. We can get their 26 verities of ducks alone there.






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