Covid-19 and precautions

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Covid-19 and precautions to be taken on treks and tours: Given that, COVID-19 transfers from human to human and there is no medicine and vaccination in place until now, we tour and trek operators are highly responsible not only to protect our guests and teams from the virus but also to stop its spread. In order to help Nepal and the trek and tour operators to handle the COVID-19 pandemic well, all the international tourists are requested to show the negative certificate for COVID-19 test upon their landing at the airport, which is a mandatory rule imposed by the government of Nepal.

An orientation to our guests and teams on health and basic information of COVID-19 is the first activity we do prior to the start of any treks and tours. We keep close contact with our guides and teams every day to know about the health situation of the guests. Tourists with chronic diseases are advised to go for private trek and tour so that they get a special care. Tourists in both the group and individual trip will be brought to safe place with the help of our team/s if they get sick. The tourists will have to cover the whole expense that comes out of the entire process of transport and treatment as such unanticipated costs are not included in our trek and tour packages.

The following basic precautionary measures will apply to all our guests and teams while on the tour, trek and travel with us.

1.Put on facemask (no need to have the mask on while in the uphill walk when we are far from the local people and villages, and distance maintained with other groups of trekkers).
2.Have foods and other necessary goods purchased one week before and well sanitized while storing.
3.Eat well-cooked foods using the kitchen utensils cleaned with hot water, wash hands and face with soap right before the breakfast, lunch and dinner (or tea and snacks breaks if we have), and serve food in the paper plates (not plastic) and decompose them in the same spots.
4.Avoid any kind of small or big gathering.
5.Stay at tent/s throughout the trip as safety measures are uncertain at the hotels where we normally stay during the treks and tours. Tents will be fixed far from the villages to avoid the chances to get in close contact with local people.
6.Use only fully sanitized vehicles with fully trusted driver for pickup and drop off.
7.Distance and other precautionary measures-maintained walk during the entire trek and tour.
8.No shopping on the way unless there appears a serious health and emergency matter.
9.Have trekking and tour guide with good knowledge of first aid, basic knowledge of COVID-19 and good English language.
10.Take all basic medicines like fever, cough, pneumonia, high altitude sickness enough etc. for the entire team in case of any need to have them use.
11.Do COVID-19 and other tests while in the trek and tour if any health clinics available on the trek and tour routes.
12.Try to choose the less touristy areas as your trek and tour destinations that are less affected by the COVID-19 as of now.
13.Make your group of your families and close friends, which is much enjoyable always, and is much safer amid COVID-19.

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