Culture Tours in Nepal

Culture Tours in Nepal

Culture tours in Nepal is really exciting and adventure tour in Nepal. Nepal is inhabited with more than hundred of ethnic tribes. Each ethnic group has its own dialect or language. In Nepal, there are mainly Hindu, Buddhist, Islam and christen religions. They have different culture, traditions, festivals, temples, and monasteries. It is really exciting to explore the culture tour in Nepal.

The art and architecture of temples, monasteries, and houses are really amazing. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and it has world renounce culture, art, and architecture. 

We have two different culture tour programmes
1. Inside the Kathmandu valley
2. Outside the Kathmandu valley

Kathmandu is culturally very rich which is one of the spiritual valleys in Nepal as many Hindu and Buddhist gods and goddesses, Sages and Gurus (teachers) visited this place in the ancient time. There is a belief that Kathmandu was a meditation centre for many Hindu and Buddhist gods and goddesses. The existing Hindu temples, Buddhist sputa and monasteries in Kathmandu valley represent this belief.

There are many Vihars (the Buddhist schools) in Kathmandu valley. The establishment of Vihars was intended to teach people the Buddhist philosophy, religion, and daily rituals.

Kathmandu valley comprises of three Durbar Squares dated from 12th to 19th century. Durbar Square is the area of the royal palace where situated the king’s palace and different types of temple connected with different gods and goddess. Durbar Square is the collection of temples and royal palace. All Durbar Squares in Kathmandu valley are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

In Nepal, people and the rulers were extremely religious who believed to be protected by gods and goddess in case any misshapen in their kingdom. Therefore, they built many different types of temple in the name of gods and goddess according to their important duty and the role upon the human being as well as in the universe. In Durbar Square, there are 12th to 19th century old temples but renovated from time to time. Near each palace situated a Kumari (Living goddess) house. The Kumari is the protecting goddess of royal palace as well as people. The Kumari in Kathmandu Durbar Square is considered to be the important and original one.

There are mainly three different types of temple. 1. Pagoda style (roof over roof and the upper roof is smaller than down). 2. Sputa style (dome) -all the Buddhist Sputa. 3. Shikhar (Peak) style.

People from diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious background live in Kathmandu valley where the arts, architects, festivals, and ritual are quite diverse. The 'Newars' are the original inhabitant of Kathmandu valley. Most of them are very traditional who still follow their ritual and festivals to preserve their culture.

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We have the following exciting culture tour packages in Nepal.

Cultural Tour in Nepal

Patan Durbar Square Tour - 1 day

Patan Durbar Square TourPatan Durbar Square, situated in southeast of Kathmandu city, is full of ancients palace, temples ...

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Bhaktapur Durbar Square Tour - 1 day

Bhaktapur Durbar Square TourBhaktpur is another important royal palace in Kathmandu valley

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Swoyambhunath Tour - 1day

Swoyambhunath TourSwoyambhunath is one of the most famous and beautiful Buddhist Stupas or Maha Chaityas that lies ...

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Pashupatinath Tour nepal - 1 day

Pashupatinath Tour nepal Pashupatinath along with the Aryaghat or Funeral Site near the Bagmati River is one of the world ...

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Bouddhanath Tour - 1 day

Bouddhanath TourBouddhanath Stupa is the biggest stupa in South Asia. This stupa is situated in Kathmandu valley, ...

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Bungmati Village Tour - 1 day

Bungmati Village TourBungmati is the typical Newari village which lies 10 km south from Kathmandu city. Geographically, ...

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Khokana Village Tour - 1 day

Khokana Village TourKhokana is a tiny Newar traditional village, situated eight km south of Kathmandu city. It is ...

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Dakshinkali Tour - 1 day

Dakshinkali TourDakshinkali is one of the famous touristic spots under the cultural tour in Nepal. The Kali goddess ...

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Changunarayan Tour - 1day

Changunarayan TourChangunarayan is the most important temple in Kathmandu from the artistic, religious, cultural ...

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Nagarkot Tour - 1 day

Nagarkot TourNagarkot is one of the best places for the sunrise, sunset and Mountain View and it isa best ...

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Dhulikhel Tour - 1 day

Dhulikhel TourDhulikhel is another country drive trip to the east 30 km on the side of the Arniko highway connecting ...

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Namobuddha Tour - 1day

Namobuddha TourNamobuddha is dedicated to a young prince who sacrificed himself to a hungry tigress and her ...

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Kathmandu Durbar Square Tour - 1 day

Kathmandu Durbar Square TourKathmandu Durbar Square is the spectacular example of architecture and Newari artist in Kathmandu ...

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Doleshwor Mahadev - 1 Day

Doleshwor MahadevDoleshwor Mahadev is the one representation of Lord Shiva

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